Photo credit: Sabrina Staires 2013

Photo credit: Sabrina Staires 2013

Take 5 Music Productions

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Kansas City has a soundtrack. Can you hear it? It started at 18th and Vine, and now it pulses under the streetcar, bounces up the buildings downtown, twinkles in the lights on the Plaza, and even meanders its way out to the suburbs. Those are the sounds of Count Basie, Charlie Parker, Bennie Moten, Jay McShann - echoing all the way from the 1920s to today. Jazz - then and now - is a lifestyle, a canvas, a work in progress. It’s an ever-changing conversation between the players, one that requires you to listen as much (or more) than you speak. The roots of jazz run deeper than this city, of course, and the branches reach well beyond our local boundaries. Honoring both the roots and the new growth from them is what Take Five Music Productions is all about.

Kansas City is home to a number of phenomenal jazz musicians; a tribute in part to our place in history, but also to the outstanding jazz education programs in the area. You can hear jazz played in restaurants, hotel lobbies, movie theatres, even at the airport. A casual observer might assume every city sounds like this - they don’t. However, present day Kansas City IS missing something… something very important:  innovative jazz culture. Don’t get us wrong - the musicians are innovating every single day, but the number of places where they can present that art is limited. Places where jazz isn’t just ambience, but front and center; places where everyone else is there for the music, too.

Welcome to Take Five Music Productions. We are squarely focused on supporting local and national artists presenting their original compositions, because jazz is at its best when it pushes the limits. By staging events all around Kansas City in venues tailored to the artists’ needs, we’re creating experiences that benefit both the performers and the patrons alike. We’re committed to raising the average compensation for our artists as well, which is why almost all of our events have a cover charge.

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Lori Chandler
Doug Chandler


Lori and Doug Chandler have many things in common (of course), but one of their primary passions is jazz. Not just the art form, but the jazz community in Kansas City. When they started Take Five Coffee + Bar in 2010, they always assumed music would be involved, they just didn’t know it would be jazz - in a coffee shop? But it worked, and worked tremendously well. The Chandlers grew to not only love jazz even more, but also grew to love the people playing it and the patrons that passionately followed it. When Take Five closed in 2015, the city lost one of its only homes for innovative jazz performance, and the Chandlers felt like they lost part of their family, too.

Since then, Lori and Doug have looked for a new permanent home for Take Five, but just weren’t able to find “THE” place. One day, listening to Marcus Lewis’ “Ask A Jazz Dude” show, Marcus was talking about missing the old Take Five, but how it was still just one stage. At that point, the Chandlers had an epiphany - Why just one stage? Why not many? - and Take Five Music Productions was born.