Welcome, Wanderers!

Photo Credit:  Diallo French

Photo Credit: Diallo French

We all have our favorite spots, don’t we? Favorite comfy chair, favorite bar stool, favorite park bench. Well, my favorite spot (aside from my couch) is anywhere I can see and hear music, and my favorite among THAT is jazz. In fact, watching jazz musicians play together set me on a path nine years ago that even nine and a half years ago I wouldn’t have thought possible.

You see, I always liked jazz. I even played piano in one of the University of Kansas jazz ensembles for a semester (I wasn’t good). But it wasn’t until a trio of young jazz musicians set up in the corner of the original Take Five Coffee + Bar and let loose that I grew to LOVE jazz. It wasn’t just the dexterity, creativity and endurance of these musicians that drew me in; these guys were having a full blown conversation with each other in that little coffee shop corner. They were listening, watching - playing off each other like the best basketball players do (to avoid conflict I won’t name sports teams here, but I did already note that I went to KU). They took the room with them. I was hooked. The trio? Diverse - Ben Leifer (bass), Hermon Mehari (trumpet) and Ryan J. Lee (drums).

That particular favorite room doesn’t exist anymore, but the conversation hasn’t stopped. My passion for supporting it hasn’t, either. So here we are - creating new favorite rooms all over the city to support that conversation. If you look at the history of jazz - of the territory bands that traveled the nation and made every room their home for the night - a nomadic approach fits perfectly.

So join us on the journey. Make your new favorite place a room filled with people who are gathered for the same things you are, regardless of where that room happens to be.

- Lori

Lori Chandler